Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really Stoked About This Process

Love the blogsite idea as an online learning medium.

Tonight I've set up an interview with Felicity Britton, Exec. Dir. of Linden Hills Power and Light. She's going to forward me to a couple of families participating in the Source Separated Organics Program, as well as Susan Young, who runs the facility where the stuff goes. AND, I've already developed my list of questions. I won't get to interview her until Monday or Tues.

Also have set up the next article - want to do a story on the relevance of art as a means of metabolizing cultural crises like the RNC. Have set up interview with Exec. Dir. of the St. Paul Art Crawl, & asked for a couple of references to artists doing work that reflects the RNC, or is otherwise topical for this political season. AND I've got my list of questions developed.

Also fishing for sources willing to talk, for article #3, on continuing investigation/harrassment of particpants in the RNC 08. I may have to post a shout out to for sources willing and able to comment. Or maybe twitter for sources. Dunno yet.

G'night, all, it's been fun. -K-

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